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right now. >>> if president obama likes his current spying program can he keep his current spying program? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." national lead. president's top intelligence men on capitol hill now facing questions about why the nsa is tapping the phones of some of our closest allies. what exactly the president knew about it. will the nsa have to put an end to it? national news, we heard this over and over. if you like your health plan you can keep your health plan. now thousands of americans are finding out that's not true. including our guest, former democratic congressional staffer that has been an enthusiastic proponent of obama care. she said things are changing and she doesn't know why. >>> after six decades of funs and parodies, is "mad" magazine still hooking kids on satire? >>> good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. top intelligence official in the country and the director of the nsa are testifying on capitol hill as we speak. when pressed about report the nsa has been tapping the phones of foreign leaders, even allies, director of national
. >>> the politics lead. a new book claims the obama/biden campaign was a taylor swift song waiting to happen. that's one of the juicy insider details from the election. obama and romney campaign officials dishing dirt and settling scores. >>> the sports lead. one nfl player is out and another suspended for what? late hit? helmet to helmet tackle? nope. allegedly it's for the same type of behavior we usually attribute to mean girls in high school. >>> good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jack tapper. we begin with the national lead. moments ago, the head of the union representing officers with the transportation security administration issued a statement calling for some of those officers to be armed in the aftermath of friday's shooting at los angeles international airport. the statement reads in part quote, at this time, we feel a larger and more consistent armed presence in screening areas would be a positive step in improving security for both tsos and the flying public. the development of a new class of tsa officers with law enforcement status would be a logical approach to accomplishing
right now. >>> so i had this great idea to dress up as the obama care website for halloween but it turns out the costume won't be ready until the end of november. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. syria, remember syria? the country the u.s. came this close to attacking? after concluding the assad regime gassed its own people? now a watchdog says syria has destroyed or disabled all its chemical weapons facilities. can we trust that? >>> the national lead. local police called it a freak accident but the parents of kendrick johnson suspected foul play. now after cnn joined their quest for answers, the feds are stepping in. >>> and the sports lead. much to the relief of their wives and girlfriends, the red sox can finally shave today. how the city of boston plans to keep the party going now that the sox are champs again. >>> good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with the world lead today. syria still a war-torn nightmare in which tens if not hundreds of people are killed every day but if you believe a report released today, at least it won't be w
dick cheney know more about what's going on at the nsa than president obama? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." >> nobody asked that question before. >>> the national lead. my sit-down with dick cheney, from torture to the debt to what heaven might look like and what about reports that the u.s. started eavesdropping on allies during the bush/cheney administration? i'll ask the former veep why spy on our friends? >>> plus -- >> i really believe the republican party is in trouble. >> the politics lead. cheney refusing to shy away from the problems ailing his beloved gop but there is one up and coming senate candidate who has his unwavering support. his daughter, liz. >>> and in our national lead, breaking just moments ago, remember when a texas lawmaker filibustered a strict new abortion law only to have the legislature pass it anyway in a special session? well, a u.s. district judge just threw that law out. good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in the national lead, we begin by asking of the president those two questions that always seem to go han
obama in boston. let's listen in. ♪ >> hello boston! it's good to be back in boston because one of america's best governors introduced me, governor patrick. good to see congressman bill keating here. give bill a big round of applause. i want to praise somebody who is not here. i just left him. but he wears his heart on his sleeve. he loves this city so much. and it shows in what he's been doing for years now, one of america's best mayor, tom menino. and it's good to see all of you. i was just at the airport, the governor and mayor met me and mayor menino went back to city hall to work so he could wrap it up in time for the first pitch. i'm well aware that a presidential visit is not the biggest thing going on today in boston. i understand that. i tried to grow a beard. but michelle wasn't having it. i'm also old enough to remember a time when the red sox were not in the world series three times in ten years. but i know the chance to win one at home for the first time since 1918 is a pretty special thing. so i promise, we will be done here in time for everybody to head over to fe
's weapon. there's more law enforcement inside the terminal. president obama asked about this just minutes ago said that he is concerned about the shooting, he's been getting updates from local authorities. you can see right now that is a shot from kabc outside los angeles international airport, which is just a mess right now in terms of traffic and no one being able to get in and only being able to get out on foot. i want to now bring in sean henry, former executive assistant director for the fbi and president of crown strike which provides security technology services. thanks so much for talking to us. last time we spoke, it was during the navy yard shooting. we have been talking here with two other former fbi officials about possible reasons why this might have happened. it was raised perhaps the shooter was targeting a specific individual. is it also possible the shooter may have been targeting the tsa in general? >> yeah, you know, jake, the police go through a very methodical process when there's an incident like this. first they want to make sure they mitigate the threat and i.d. co
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6